I was wondering if there is a way to see (print out) the content of the theme registry.

I've looked in the database; it seems to be stored in the cache table, if I understand things right, but the theme registry itself is stored as a blog.

When I looked at the blog, I couldn't seem to make any sense of what was there. It all seemed to look like hex values.

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If you want to see the content of the theme registry, you can use _theme_load_registry(). The first argument could be the global $theme for the currently used theme, or one of the objects returned by list_themes(). As the function name is prefixed by an underscore, I would suggest to use it only for debugging purposes. (Theoretically, future Drupal versions could drop those private functions, and that would not probably be taken as API change.)

If you have installed Devel, you can use the following code:

global $theme;

$registry = _theme_load_registry($theme);

You can also simply visit the devel/theme/registry page which shows you the theme registry content.


See theme_get_registry()

This simple function returns an array of theme registry


hook_theme_registry_alter can help in this regard.

function mymodule_theme_registry_alter(&$theme_registry){

$theme_registy would result entire theme registry information.

The hook is invoked as the theme cache is re-built

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