I have a view that for each row, outputs the first 3 images of a CCK image field.

I would like to be able to Output a different link for each image in the format node/[nid]?image=[delta]

I don't mind writing a token for this purpose, although I'm not sure how I'd access the delta number in the first place, other that some convoluted loop that just increments and resets a static variable, and even then, would that even work or is there some sort of token caching that would break even that approach?

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Depending on the views version you use, you have different options to render a multiple values field and the fields themselves.

The easiest thing in this case would be to create a special field formatter for the images. Field formatters are almost exactly same for both Drupal 6 and 7 and is what you could call a theme function for fields. In that theme function you would be able to handle the different deltas, as you will have that variable accessible.

  • This post explains a bit about field formatters.
  • This post explains how to create a field formatter (D6).

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