I have setup a file called mymodule.test and in the module I have file called mymodule.inc. Every is working but I am unsure about the following. Below is mymodule.test file.

class MyModule extends DrupalWebTestCase {

  public static function getInfo() {
    return array (
      'name' => t('my module'),
      'description' => t('my module.'),
      'group' => t('My module'),
  public function setUp() {

Inside mymodule.inc I have the following function

function mydisplay(){ returns "This is true" }

How I do I tell tests class I want to do an test assertion of true or false on the mydisplay function?

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You need to add a method whose names start with test, for example testMyDisplay(), where you test the value returned from the function.

public testMyDisplay() {
  module_load_include('inc', 'mymodule');
  $this->assertEqual($expected_result, mydisplay());

Clearly, this code is valid if the function is not a form builder; otherwise, the code needs to be different. Since you used DrupalWebTestCase as base class, and not DrupalTestCase, I guess you need to do more than just checking the result returned from a function, or that function is not simply a function that returns a string.

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