After reading the module´s homepage, I understand that there´s an easy way to get disquss comments easily imported/exported from your Drupal database in D7.

To import/sync: You can do a one-time import at Comments->Disqus Import. Specify the timestamp you want to import from. You can have comments automatically import from Disqus on an interval basis. Turn this on in the import settings at Site Config -> Disqus -> Import. Turning on syncing will query Disqus for any comments that came in since the last import.

But how do I actually do that?

I don´t have any "Disquss import" tab or link under "admin/content/comment"

And under "/admin/config/services/disqus" I don´t have any "Import" link or tab. Maybe I´m missing something?

Thanks for your help!! Rosamunda

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Reading under the heading "Disqus Migrate Sub-module" on the module page, the import functionality/disqus migrate module seems to only be for the drupal 6 version.


here is some sandbox project for drupal 7, that import comments from disqus to drupal core comments


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