I'm using organic group module and I have 3 og membership types:

  • 'member'
  • 'non-member'
  • 'visitor'.

I created an view which shows me all user group listing under one group which includes users role also but it is not displayed.

In view I added an Relationships as 'OG membership: OG membership from User ' and added filed for the same.

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To work with user-roles in a view, you also need the relationship "OG membership: OG Roles from membership", where you have to set the relationship to your previously added "OG membership from user"-relation.

After that you are able to display the user's role or filter by user-roles. Hopefully this information was helpful for you.

  • same problem..! unable to display even I followed above instructions
    – Chella
    Dec 18, 2013 at 12:01

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