I am using Services to collect data from an application. I will store each user's key on their drupal profile, and want to match that key against a key submitted through services. I would like to store the user key as an encrypted field on the user's profile, then match that to the one being submitted. I'm looking for a contrib module that provides:

  • field encryption
  • a simple way to match (yes/no) the encrypted field against another entity

Any suggestions?

The closest I've found so far is http://drupal.org/project/encrypt

  • It sounds like you need OAuth authentication. The user account can have it's own authorization keys. Feb 19, 2013 at 21:57

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Look into Encrypted Settings Field to store your field.

This module adds the "encrypted settings" field through Field API, which has the following two features:

The field can be encrypted before saving to the database

The field can be validated to follow INI format.

This module is ideal to save credential settings information, such as a "Credit Card" field to add to users' profile.

You will likely not find a module that relates and verifies this against another field ... that business logic specific to your application.

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