I am trying to make an image catalog using views grid. This is what I have done so far.

Created a views grid and gave the test class to each <td>.

tr class="row-1 row-first">
 <td class="col-1 col-first test">
 <td class="col-2 test">
 <td class="col-3 test">
 <td class="col-4 test">
 <td class="col-5 col-last test">

Then I added my custom Javascript to my .info module file. This works since I can confirm it by viewing the page source.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://localhost/menara/sites/all/themes/angela/js/custom.js?mii0ef"></script>

These are the contents of my custom.js :

var lis = $('.test').hide(),    i = 0;

(function displayImages() {
        lis.eq(i++).fadeIn(200, displayImages);

When I open Mozilla Firefox there is no Javascript error and the effects are not working.

Please guide me to solve this problem. I am following this great tutorial.




aha i found it. this is what i do, based on stackoverflow

(function ($) {
var lis = $('.test').hide(), i = 0;
(function displayImages() {
    lis.eq(i++).fadeIn(800, displayImages);

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First check if your jQuery file is properly called, if its called than you can add jQuery.noConflict(); first and than replace $ sign with jQuery.


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