I have a draggable table with preloaded "new items" - sorta like the Power Edit feature of the menu_editor module. Everything works perfect.

However, I want to have a button that adds a new row via jquery. I was able to do this via the following code. However, the new rows added by jquery are not draggable. What can i do to make it work? Is it even possible?

var preloaded_items_count = '.$preloaded_items_count.';
  var append_tr = $("#guide-pages-table tr:last").clone();
  var replace_pattern = new RegExp("new-" + preloaded_items_count, "g");
  var new_item_id = "new-" + (preloaded_items_count + 1);

  preloaded_items_count = preloaded_items_count + 1;

  $("#guide-pages-table > tbody:last").append(append_tr);
  return false;

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As I can not reproduce your case, this answer just is a suggestion:

look at misc/tabledrag.js:

Drupal.tableDrag.prototype.makeDraggable = function (item) {

So you need re-running necessary javascript after adding new row.

Drupal.attachBehaviors($('#guide-pages-table > tbody:last'));
  • Yes, this is where I got the Drupal.tableDrag.prototype.makeDraggable(append_tr); idea. However, i still cannot make it work. I tried the makeDraggable function on my table, instead of the row, to no avail. Thanks btw.
    – Bibokid
    Commented Feb 21, 2013 at 14:33
  • Drupal.attachBehaviors($(this)); Commented Feb 21, 2013 at 14:34
  • I am not entirely sure what .attachBehaviors will do. I tried adding Drupal.attachBehaviors($('#guide-pages-table > tbody:last')); at the bottom of my code but it still won't work :P
    – Bibokid
    Commented Feb 21, 2013 at 14:43

This is how you can do it:
(For D7, I hope it is the same or similar in D6)

var $table = $('<table>').appendTo($container);
var $tbody = $('<tbody>').appendTo($table);
var drupalTableDrag = new Drupal.tableDrag($table[0], {});
var $newRow = $('<tr>').appendTo($tbody);

The essential thing to learn is that Drupal.tableDrag acts as a class constructor, and you are supposed to call makeDraggable() from the constructed object.

If Drupal already created this object for you, you will find it in Drupal.tableDrag[base], where base is whatever key was used in the settings.

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