I am trying to customize the user edit page in Drupal7 using Panels for user-edit page. How can i display the user edit-picture form in any specific region in Drupal 7. In my panels, i added a custom text in my sidebar region as:

drupal_get_form("edit-picture") ;

However, it does not show anything. I got the form id by looking at the css. Any suggestions?


The ID you pulled from the DOM isn't the form ID, unfortunately. It's just the ID of the user image picker fieldset.

Take a look at the User Picture Field module. I haven't used it, so I can't personally vouch for it. However, it does make the user picture a field, which adds a lot of flexibility. I think Panels will let you move the field to the place where you want it to appear. You should also be able to use the editablefields module to make the image editable in the display.

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