I need to display the login form in a modal window when a user clicks a link on my website. I am doing that using jquery ui dialog currently.

However, once the user logs in, i don't want a page refresh instead i just want the modal window to get reloaded with some content.

how do i achieve this?

  • Have you tried ctools ? There is an example that does that. – drcelus Feb 25 '13 at 11:30

Modal forms module might help you.

Modal forms make use of the modal feature in the ctools module to open some common forms in a modal window.

Supported forms:

  • Log in (modal_forms/nojs/login) Request new password
  • (modal_forms/nojs/password) Create new account
  • (modal_forms/nojs/register) Contact (modal_forms/nojs/contact)
  • Comment (modal_forms/%ctools_js/comment/reply/%node) Webform
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Use Lightbox module and mention rel in the url tag like below i mentioned

<a href="search.php" rel='lightframe'>Search</a>

you can see a live example in my site www.richtown.ae(click Mortage Calculator in bottom)

or you can use popup module to achieve this.

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The Colorbox Module provides this functionallity.

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