The panel has a custom path, Like this: http://example.com/mypanel/something/theNID/something_else

So the arguments to the panel are:

  1. something
  2. theNID
  3. something_else.

How can I load a node with some variable nid (theNID in this case), and have it available as a context in the panel, and then, make all of it's fields accessible directly in that panel?

If I create a view and load the node (with theNID) within the view, the view won't pass the loaded node as context to panels.

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  1. Settings -> Basic -> Path -> something/%node/something_else
  2. Settings -> Arguments -> Change -> Content: ID

Then at 'Variants -> Contexts' you should see the loaded 'Argument 1'.


The answer is: For sending panel an argument, A % sign must be used, And just using panel option "Path string from URL" or something like that is NOT the fun/right way, Instead, The path should be: http://exmaple.com/something/%nid/%what

Then panel will ask what %nid is, Saying it's a node, Panel will load it as an available context automatically.

Short Answer: Use %nid instead of nid when choosing panel path on panel setting form.

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