So I followed the instructions from this thread; Need a simple Google Maps solution; lost in the labyrinth of modules. I've gotten everything to work how I need it on my test server a few months ago. The SS below shows how it looks with the distance/proximity working. enter image description here

Just before I got it working. I had a problem that the distance would not show based off the address or zip searched for. After some tinkering with views (atleast I think it was views), I finally got the distance working.

Now, my boss wants me to push it live and I can't remember how I got the distance to calculate based off an address or zipcode when I expose the proximity in views. It looks like the following;

enter image description here

I've opened both my test server and live side by side and checked over tons of the settings MANY MANY times over and still haven't been able to figure out what I missed. I've tried the following;

  • Refreshing the Proximity calculations via the openlayers/proximity tab
  • Tinkering with many different views settings.
  • Creating new test nodes
  • Rebuilding the process from the beginning

If you guys can maybe point me in the right direction or just mention SOMETHING that maybe I haven't thought about it would be great help. Thanks in advanced.

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Have you got this sorted yet?

Ensure that you're using the "Geofield - proximity" field for output and not the Proximity - distance field. I've tried using the latter and not had it working (yet).

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