How to create a link, which will open user login in lightbox, I have installed lightbox2 module in Drupal 7.

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Or try using Ajax Login/Register, a complete solution. Here is a quote about it (from the module's project page):

... provides a smooth way for the user to login, register and request new password via AJAX at any Drupal site.


  • This module provides a block with 2 links (Login, Register) for the anonymous user.
  • When the user clicks on Login or register the requested form appears in a nice ajax popup.
  • The login and register forms can validate using ajax and not redirect on error.
  • On success the module redirects to the user page.
  • When user is logged in, the block provides a Welcome !username message and a link to the user page and a logout link.
  • This module integrates the thickbox plugin with the Ajax module and provides a simple, easy to use and cool login and register block.
  • This works perfectly! Surprisingly very few sites use it
    – Rishi Dua
    Feb 19, 2014 at 5:04

You can add rel="lightmodal" to any anchor and it will be opened in a lightbox. Also I'm almost sure lightbox2 have this option (login lightbox) out of the box, check the settings form.


Try using: http://drupal.org/project/colorbox I believe it allows for this functionality out of the box. This post explains how to make a login link open in the colorbox; http://drupal.org/node/883210


Indeed, the AJAX Login/Register module adds a block with a login button. Clicking on that button opens a popup login/register dialog.

However, I think the question was how to make any link open the login dialog (e.g. I have blog posts, and clicking on the post title should also open the dialog.

This code does the trick however unlike the regular block dialog, it takes 5 seconds until the popup loads. Anyone knows why?

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