Setting: using the search_api_views module, I have created a view with an exposed fulltext search filter. In addition, I have lots of facets for the corresponding search index in a separate block (via the search_api_facetapi module). Searching and filtering works well.

Question: When no facet item is selected and no fulltext search is used, then all indexed nodes are shown in the view as search results. How can I replace this full nodes list with a custom text (e.g., “Enter a search term or select a facet item to filter our products.”)? In other words: how can I hide the results list if and only if no search filter (facet or fulltext) is applied?

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Here’s how I solved this:

First I implemented hook_views_post_build. Note, that I could have probably used most other views processing hooks, too, as I’m only adding custom build information.

 * Implements hook_views_post_build().
function MY_MODULE_views_post_build(&$view) {

  // If there is no explicit search being done, then we show a message instead
  // of all search results. We still have to run the search under the hood so
  // that we have correct search facets available. Therefore we could have also
  // used most other views processing hooks here.
  if ($view->name === 'MY_VIEW_NAME' && empty($view->exposed_input['f'])
       && empty($view->exposed_input['search'])) {
    $view->build_info['MY_MODULE_show_message'] = TRUE;

Then I added my custom message to an overridden views-view.tpl.php using the previously defined build info variable:

<!-- … views template header here … -->
<div class="<?php print $classes; ?>">

  <?php if (isset($view->build_info['MY_MODULE_show_message'])): ?>
    <h2>My Custom Message</h2>
    <p>Enter a search term or select a facet item to filter our products.</p>
  <?php else: ?>
    <!-- … normal views content here … -->
  <?php endif; ?>

</div><?php /* class view */ ?>

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