I am using Flexi-Slider and AIS to create a responsive (full-width in this case) Images Slider for a front page on a Drupal 7 install.

I got it working perfectly but I would like to restrict the resizing function when the images reach a certain size. Meaning for example, if the height = 500px, even if the device screen size or resolution is smaller than that, or the user resizes the browser window, I don't want the image to get smaller than that.

Is that at all possible? Anyone has done it or could guide me into it? Thank you everyone for your time.

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I hope my auto-reponses to the last 3 or 4 questions I posted, serve to the rest :)

Just wrap the block where your flexislider slide views is contained in a div and give it a min-width with !important and set the height to "auto".

Have not tested this in IE yet tho. Let's see.

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