is there currently a module that allows a user to bookmark a bunch of nodes and name them? E.g. create a bookmark of each movie and name the list, "comedy".

I'm guessing using the flag module would be the best bet but i'm not sure how to store attributes to flags and how to create separate flags.


You might want to look at the Flag Page module which expands on the Flag API, or the Bookmark module.

For the Flag API, look at the Flag Lists module which will allow your user to create multiple private lists of nodes.


I think you can use or perhaps find inspiration in the Bookmark Organizer module. It has the functionality you are describing in your question.

  • I looked at that but it's UI is a bit overly complex and not flexible. But thanks for your suggestion!
    – chrisjlee
    Mar 3 '13 at 23:26

Yes you can bookmark the nodes in Drupal 7 using the Flag module:

  1. Download the flag module and enable it.

  2. Create a new flag by visiting admin/structure/flags and then clicking on "Add a new flag" link.

You can create separate the flags by clicking "Add a new flag" link again and giving some other name to the flag.

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