I have a views jump-menu of PDFs. I'd like the PDF to open in a new window when the user clicks the "go" button on the view.

I've tried using javascript to set the form's target attribute to _blank. It is showing in the markup, but it has no effect on the behavior of the form submission.

Any ideas on how to do this?

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The only way I've found to do this so far is to alter the ctools jumpMenu behaviour with the following JS. This is probably a lot more code than I need, but it seems to do the job. Better answers are appreciated.


// place this outside your .ready() function
Drupal.behaviors.CToolsJumpMenu = {
   attach: function(context) {

       .change(function() {
         var loc = $(this).val();
         if (loc) {
           location.href = loc;
         return false;

       .click(function() {
         // Instead of submitting the form, just perform the redirect.

         // Find our sibling value.
         var $select = $(this).parents('form').find('.ctools-jump-menu-select');
         var loc = $select.val();
         if (loc) {
          // console.log(loc.slice(loc.indexOf('::') +2) );
           // location.href = loc.slice(loc.indexOf('::') +2);
         return false;


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