i'm using the module webform so that user can ask for the credentials to login to the site. I need to add a button to the the "view" of each submission so that the user that it's viewing that submission can create a user.

Do i have to modify the code of the module to achive this or should i write my own module? If i write my own module what hooks should i implement to add the button, the logic for the button to be present only if i didn't create a user, and the custom action for that button?


I am also looking for a similar solution and would like to reuse an existing one. To assign a role on registration I would try some of existing modules.

Let me summarize what is available:

To allow a user to choose a role on registration

To provide a role using a key during registration

Sold Memberships

Join role with a password

Apply for role

Webform register

See also integration Webform and registration module.


Btw I've not used D7 in anger, so YMMV.

This is not a direct answer to the question :) but you know Drupal has a built-in mechanism for people to create accounts and then administrators approve (or not) them? I would've thought it would make more sense to try and customise that functionality, rather than trying to recreate it with webform.

A direct answer to your question is to check out webform_hooks.php and specifically hook_webform_submission_actions which lets you create custom actions to be performed on submissions (such as the built-in Print and Resend e-mails).

  • The problem is that there are two types of registered users: thise who register normally and "verified" users that request a verified account with more privileges. So i need a contact form to request the username so that the moderator can verify that the user is who he pretends to be. – Nicola Peluchetti Jul 8 '11 at 8:40
  • @Nicola Peluchetti I don't know D7 well as I say, but I understand you can add fields to the user account pages. Perhaps a way to go would be to add the fields to the account, and then have a custom submit button (or just a checkbox) that can signal that this particular user wants to be verified. Validation at this point can ensure sufficient fields are filled out. (If you still want to use webform I believe the links above are pertinent.) – Andy Jul 8 '11 at 9:49

It doesn't seem like a Webform submission necessarily needs to create a new user completely. It sounds to me like you just need to have a separate "verified" role for users whose accounts have been separately verified. Poviding verification with a role will allow you to control access permissions based on user levels and is the appropriate way of handling such a task. This can be done with existing, well tested modules via a webform as suggested along with the help of Rules and Webform Rules. Simply create a Webform with your desired fields for allowing a user to apply for th "verified" role and upon submit you can invoke Rules actions to accomplish whatever is necessary - like sending an email to the site administrator or adding the "verified" role to the submitting user's account.

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