? and = will be used as parts in my url. In generating the url, I use

<?php echo l('node/'. $someID .'/delete?destination=chapter/'. $anotherID);?>. When I check on Firebug, the href attribute of the link is not the usual url, instead of having ?, it is being replaced with %3F and = is being replaced with %3D. How do I fix this?


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To generate URL we use url() function. l() function is used to generate a text with link. See the example below:

// Generate a Text with link
echo l('Link Text', 'node/' . $nid . '/delete', array('query' => array('destination' => 'chapter/' . $cnid)));

// Generate a Link.
echo url('node/' . $nid . '/delete', array('query' => array('destination' => 'chapter/' . $cnid)));


 <?php echo l('/node/'. $someID .'/delete?destination=chapter/'. $anotherID,'/node/'. $someID .'/delete?destination=chapter/'. $anotherID);?>

And you will see what Jimajamma is talking about. The first string is converted to special characters to display on the page. The second string becomes the href="" string.

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