I want to limit the number of node created by the Feeds module, it hsould be limited to 5 each time.

I've added $conf['feeds_process_limit'] = 5; to the bottom of sites/default/settings.php

I've also changed FEEDS_PROCESS_LIMIT value in plugins/FeedsProcessor.inc to be 5

But still Feeds trying to import more than 5.

Looks like I've missed something. Anybody any hints about it?

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You'll also need to clear your caches after setting $conf['feeds_process_limit'] = 50;.

Alternatively, if you are just looking for a quick limiter (during development of a custom importer, for example) this trick worked for me: Limit number of feed items to import ($conf['feeds_process_limit'] not working) (an active issue in the Feeds issue queue).


Try setting $conf['feeds_node_batch_size'] in your settings.php file. It looks like that is one of the variables that the feeds module looks at to determine how many items to process in each batch.

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    Isn't feeds_node_batch_size is applicable in Drupal 6? From readme: Variable 'feeds_node_batch_size' is now called 'feeds_process_limit'
    – apasajja
    Commented Mar 8, 2013 at 9:15

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