Is there the ability through contrib module or hooks to modify how the apache solr sort block sorts queries?

Currently, it seems it supports these queries out of the box:

  • Relevancy
  • Title
  • Author
  • Date

What i would like to have is to remove Author, Add a field to sort title from a-z and z-a. Is that possible?

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You can find all info with examples here: http://drupal.org/node/715276

function MYMODULE_apachesolr_query_prepare(DrupalSolrQueryInterface &$query, &$caller) {
  $query->addParam('fl', 'some_field_image');
  $query->addParam('fl', 'some_field_date');
  //Remove sorts
  //Rename sorts
  $query->set_available_sort('score', array('title' => t('Relevance'), 'default' => 'desc'));
  $query->set_available_sort('ds_created', array('title' => t('Latest'), 'default' => 'desc'));
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There is a module Apachesolr Sort that provides an UI to configure apachesolr sort block. From module page:

  • Removal of a sort by field
  • Weights for the sort by fields
  • Neat integration with the apachesolr modules.
  • Adds a block that gives you a select block to sort your results on.

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