I'm still very new to Drupal. I'm hoping to create multiple site instances via my local WAMPServer WAMP stack. I have one. I realize that Acquia makes this very simple via their DAMP stack, but have heard that it can be very painful upgrading and/or transferring these to a server due to the non-standard paths that Acquia uses for some of its files (some of its modules specifically). So I'm wondering how I can emulate what DAMP does, albeit without their Dev installer app. I've searched here and googled, but can't seem to find anything...


This question is a bit off-topic. What you need to do is to setup Apache with name-based virtual host support. Of course you could place your sites in sub-directories, but you would be much happier with virtual hosts, i.e. one local 'domain' and www root per site.

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