I'm in D6

I have a node type "Person" and a node type "Company"

Each node "Person" has :

  • an unique field-node-reference to a node "Company"
  • an unique field-user-reference (to a user)

So, several persons can belong to the same company

Use case :

  • The person P1.1 (belongs to company C1) creates a node (article)

How to automaticly grant edit permission on this article to an other person (P1.2) who belongs to the same company (C1) ?

Thank you


Install Content Access and ACL, and then use Rules to add Person 1.2 as a person able to edit that content.

You may find this question helpful: Node access by role or user, what module(s) should I use?

The Content Access module gives you role permissions at the content type and (optionally) node level. By default, node level permissions are disabled but you can enable it on a type-by-type basis.

If you install ACL module, Content Access can give you per user permissions at the content type and node level.

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