I'm working with Panopoly as my very first drupal distribution and am concerned about how I'll define persistent items. For example, with core drupal, I could use or create block regions to define special widgets/page elements that would appear on each page.

How would one best do this in a Panel's based environment like Panopoly? Is it possible to use both blocks and panels? concurrently?

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You can still display blocks but now you have more control as to their placement.

How to Find them

  1. Click Customize this page on the bottom of your screen.
  2. Click + in the area you want, for example the header.
  3. Once the Dialog appears click Blocks or Custom Blocks

This is the area where you will see all your Blocks appear.


Actually, Blocks is disabled by default in Panopoly. Panopoly uses fieldable panels panes instead. So, you probably need to do this first:

  1. Enable Blocks in your modules list
  2. Create your block (if necessary)
  3. Enable your block as allowed at /admin/structure/panels/settings/panel-page

Now you can place blocks in your panel pages.

Source: https://www.drupal.org/node/1932120#comment-7235572

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