I want to create custom order state's and in a view use a "button" or a "select list" to toggle those states.

For example I have view that display's a table of all orders that are marked completed. I would like to add a "button" or "select list" to each row so that I can toggle the state for each order.

Can this be done?


Check this module Commerce Custom Order Status it can help you with custom statuses.

  • Someone with a higher reputation than me please vote this down. Commerce States are NOT commerce statuses. The hook solution below is the only approach until the day a dedicated module appears. – Peter Clemence Apr 4 '14 at 5:43
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    Same goes this is not a complete answer actually because this module simply adds a status see drupal.org/node/1816358 still an outstanding issue for this module unfortunately – shaneonabike Nov 16 '14 at 21:19

Two things there:

A. Define your custom order states with one of the Order info hooks.

  1. hook_commerce_order_state_info
  2. hook_commerce_order_status_info

B. Create a commerce_order based VBO view and add an operation to change the order state. It won't be a button on each row, just a checkbox or radio button, but you can batch update that way.

Alternatively, edit the order and set it's state on the edit form.


I found the documentation on this to be unclear, so for reference, here's an example of adding a status (not state) programmatically. This adds a new "credit card failure" status under the "Cancelled" state.

function mymodule_commerce_order_status_info() {
  $order_statuses['ccfail'] = array(
    'name' => 'ccfail',
    'title' => t('Credit card failure'),
    'state' => 'canceled',

 return $order_statuses;

I had problems with the code in the previous example but this worked for me as a way to add a new status of 'Refunded' to the existing 'Canceled' State after the existing 'Canceled' status.

function mymodule_commerce_order_status_info_alter(&$order_statuses) {
    $order_statuses['refund'] = array(
            'name' => 'refund',
            'title' => t('Refunded'),
            'state' => 'canceled',
            'cart' => FALSE,
            'weight' => 10,

Note that the 'cart' index is required and if you don't included you will get an undefined index error.

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