I am using the Feeds Import module as described in Drupal as an interface for users to Add/Edit/Search a database.

When we import, we get the following error:

Missing bundle property on entity of type taxonomy_term

Why does that error message appear?

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This error is caused when there is no Vocabulary selected in the Term reference fields of the content type into which feed import is performed.

Go to the Manage fields of your content type into which you are importing. Check all the Term reference fields and reconfirm that in the Field Settings, correct Vocabulary is selected.


In my case, my entity (term) did not have the property vocabulary_machine_name.

It was ["vocabulary_machine_name"] => NULL when it should have the right vocabulary_machine_name, in this case 'forum'.

So a made sure the term has it:

                        $term->name = ...;
                        $term->vid = ...;
                        $term->vocabulary_machine_name = 'forum'; //here
                        $term->format = ...;

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