I am using a template file to render a content type. So I print variables as with the following code.

print $node->body

I have installed the Print module, and I have selected the option to display print icons for this content type to, but the icons are not getting printed.

How can the icons be printed inside a template file?

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As the README.txt says

Administration > Structure > Content types (admin/structure/types)
For each content type it is possible to enable or disable the PF link via the "Show printer-friendly version link" checkbox. (default: enabled) It is also possible to enable or disable the PF link in individual comments via the "Show printer-friendly version link in individual comments" checkbox. (default: disabled)


print_insert_link(), print_mail_insert_link(), print_pdf_insert_link()

The *_insert_link functions are available to content developers that prefer to place the printer-friendly link in a custom location. It is advisable to disable the regular Printer-friendly link so that it is not shown in both locations.


It is a best Practice to read modules README.txt.

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