A few of our content pane titles need to be italicized because they contain book titles.

I've added an "italicize-title" class to the content pane in Panelizer > Content > Content Pane > CSS properties. This has some drawbacks. The main disadvantages are that the whole title is italicized and I have to manually add the class to each piece of content needing its title italicized.

I've tried the HTML Title module, but that didn't work.

Is there a way for me to allow content editors to use a limited number of html tags in a content pane's title field?

Thank you for looking...


This is untested but I would try implementing a template_preprocess_panels_pane():

function mytheme_preprocess_panels_pane(&$vars) {
  $content = &$vars['content'];

  $title = !empty($content->title) ? $content->title : '';
  $title = preg_replace("/\*\*(.*?)\*\*/", "<b>$1</b>", $title);
  $title = preg_replace("/\*(.*?)\*/", "<i>$1</i>", $title);

  $vars['title'] = $title;

Adapted from this answer, and would allow some simple markdown in the titles.

  • This isn't working, unfortunately. It just displays the **Hello** World verbatim instead of replacing it with the <b> tags. – user981023 Mar 21 '13 at 15:09

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