I've a drupal website with a custom theme based on Zen.

In a specific page of my website, I've a form rendered by the Finder module (which uses the Drupal Form API).

I want to modify the way Drupal render the checkboxes of this particular form.

Let's say Drupal render my checkboxes like this :

<input type="checkbox"> Choice 1

I want to modify the html into something like :

<input type="checkbox">
    Choice 1        

This could allow me to better adjust the layout using CSS.

Can someone point me the right direction to achieve this ?

Solution :

Since the finder outputs Checkboxes (and not many Checkbox), using #field_suffix didn't solve my problem. Why ? Because applying the following code :

$form['finder_form']['type']['#field_suffix'] = "<div>field suffix</div>";

Results in this :

<div class="form-checkboxes>
    <div class="suffix"></div>

So I ended up doing :

foreach ($form['finder_form']['type']['#options'] as $key => $value) {
    $form['finder_form']['type']['#options'][$key] = $value." <div class='suffix'></div>";        

If a better approach is found, I will edit this.

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The input element has no close tag, so this is not really a well-formed question.

That said, what you are probably looking for is hook_form_alter() which you would implement in your own custom module to alter this particular form element.

Have a look at the #field_suffix propery for how you could append some arbitrary markup to your element.

  • I've edited my question regarding the input tags. And This seems the right way to go. I will take a closer look. Commented Mar 21, 2013 at 19:30

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