I have a node that has a cck field that has a link, when the person clicks on it, I need them to sign up then redirect to that link.

Is that possible?

logintoboggan, rules and login destination cant achieve this, they only send to one defined page.

  • Correct me if I"m wrong. Anonymous user -> sign up, then redirect to link. Authenicated users -> go direct to the link
    – iStryker
    Commented Jul 8, 2011 at 12:16

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When you redirect to the login or registration page you can add a destination GET parameter to the url, which Drupal will redirect to after form submission.


Create a custom module and implement hook_menu

function YOURMODULENAME_menu() {
  $items = array();
    $items['checkuser'] = array(
      'title' => '',
      'page callback' => 'check_user',
      'access arguments' => array('access content'),
  return $items;

fucntion check_user() {
  $destination = $_GET['destination'];
  $is_login = user_is_logged_in();
  if($is_login) {
  else {
    $options = array('query' => $destination);
    drupal_goto('user/register', $options);

Use below snippet in your node template

l('Title', 'checkuser', array('query' => array('destination' => 'destination_url')));

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