• I am having a webform and I display the 'Save Draft' buttoan on the form.
  • Once I click on the Save draft I need to save all the values in the DB (as it does on Submit event) and should send an e-mail with the submission id (%sid) to the user who works on the form.
  • I don't want to do this using "Webform Rules" module, I want to do this using my Own custom module

Thank you.


Personally I would use webform rules for this. However if you are wanting to do this in a custom module then I suggest you looks at hook_webform_submission_insert or hook_webform_submission_update depending on whether it's a new webform submission or not.

From there you can use modules such as devel to obtain the information on the submission status you require. I haven't worked with 6 for a while now, so I may be wrong here, but I think it's is_draft you need to use. (I haven't got a D6 site to test on). With this information you can write a function to send the mail using drupal_mail

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