I'd like to use the colorbox module to show the images in my nodes which are comming from flickr.

I'm using the flickr input filter which works fine. Now I'd like to get a colorbox to show one image after the other when the user clicks on one of the images of a set.

I installed the colorbox module and the jquery plugin. If I look at the HTML source file everything looks ok, but clicking on the images leads to flickr instead of opening a colorbox. According to the docs of the flickr module, colorbox support should be built in.

Any ideas what's missing?

You can see the non working page at my blog.


I am not familiar with the flickr integration, but in the included colorbox.js file, it appears that colorbox is looking for images with the .colorbox class.

Have you tried adding the .colorbox class to the img elements in that view? It's possible that the class may have beren removed by a drupal filter.

The relevant Javascript:

 $('a, area, input', context)
      .filter('.colorbox') // target class

After all it turned out that the colorbox integration is available in the dev version only.

For the record: The dev Version gives you the possibility to set the class and rel. Just us the proposed values colorbox and gallery-all and colorbox gives you a nice view of all your flickr images on the node.

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