I want to be able to accomplish this: http://mywebsite.com/admin/reports/status/run-cron

But it should be done through the Drush interface.

Can any one help me out ?

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You can try drush core-cron

$ drush help core-cron
Run all cron hooks in all active modules for specified site.

Aliases: cron


You can use drush core-cron or just drush cron

If you wish to use drush to run cron from a crontab, it's best to run cron as the web server user, and supply it with additional arguments to make up the lack of a terminal and supply environment variables.

The drush documentation explains it best either at docs/cron.html or run drush topic docs-cron.

Personally I use server wide site aliases so I omit --root and --uri and use @some.site instead for a single site. If you have defined group aliases, you can run cron on the whole group by using @some.group. More information on site aliases if you are interested, otherwise drush docs-aliases.

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You could use drush core-cron command that would run the cron . For more detailing about the commands that drush provides us is there on https://drushcommands.com/


You can use --quiet

The --quiet flag will suppress these and other progress messages, again avoiding an unnecessary email message.

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