Making View setting changes happen simultaneously with deployment of a template. Where can I look to solve this problem?

Is there something that puts Views settings into Version Control, like Subversion?

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You can export a view, via the views interface or the Features module. Both will version control the view, updating the view but chaining/updating the code (if no alterations have been made in the UI).

What I usually do, is to use a script that

  • Updates the code on the
  • Reverts features
  • Clears cache
  • Runs cron

This is done calling drush commands and works very well for updating sites that doesn't rely heavily on cached data.

  • I ended up using Features+Subversion. My theme was already in Subversion. I am leaning towards installing Capistrano with Webistrano to script the deployment from the Subversion. Nov 30, 2011 at 21:25

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