I've been trying to set a picture as a background image/wallpaper. I added the module 'Background Images' but am confused since it hasn't done anything. I tried pointing it to a new content type I created that has an image, but nothing happened. I installed Dynamic Background which did what I wanted to happen, but only for admin...

So without any access to the CSS files, is there a way to set a picture as a background wallpaper? I don't have access to the website's CSS, not even through FTP yet.

My knowledge on Drupal is very limited, so if you could have detailed explanations that would be great

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    This depends on your theme. Some themes support configurable background images and others don't. – Patrick Kenny Mar 25 '13 at 2:09

Try out Live CSS module

Edit CSS live within the page, and save the changes back to any css file if you have write access.

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