Is there a way to configure edit (not view) permissions for a Panels 'pane'?

I would like to add a pane for 'custom content', for example above and below a view, so that the content manager role that I've setup can edit that part of the page. Seems really simple (and essential), but haven't found anything like this.

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That blog post doesn't seem to have been followed up on. There is some discussion here regarding more granular permissions for Panels IPE:


I mention it would be great to be able to change role permissions for an individual pane such as 'Move', 'Edit', 'Change Style'.


Have a look at Panels IPE: The Future.

This feature allows users to designate Panels of various types as editable in-place. This means that users with privileges are given a button at the bottom of the page which allows them to dynamically add, remove and rearrange content on that page. It's much more limited than the typical back end editor, but is much more usable by content managers who are focusing highly on the content.

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