i have a content-type with this fields:

title field
starting letter // term reference -> stores term in vocab "starting letter"
car brand // term reference -> stores term in vocab "car brand"
car model // term reference -> stores term in vocab "car model"
Image field

i have created a view that hast the url: example.com/vehicles/audi (the term audi comes from the vocab "car brand" in views this looks like vehicles/%)

on this page with the url example.com/vehicles/audi i want to show a block that contains a list of other cars which name starts with the letter A like:

Alfa Romeo

the same should be work with brand starting with B, C and so on. i need a contextual solution.

my problem and what i dont unterstand: how do i set this thing up, because i dont have the term "A" in my url which i could filter with the contextual filter. i just have the term "audi". can anyone help me please?

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Set argument for second view using hook_views_pre_view().

  • thank your for your reply. i should mention that i havent used the views API yet. i copied the code $view->set_arguments(array('A')); in my view under context.filter / PHP contextual filter code but this doesnt work right now. comes the hook_views_pre_view() elsewere? second thing is, as i understand this blockview will always filter for the term "A". what i need is if the url changes for expample to example.com/vehicles/bmw the filter argument should be the term "B" from the vocab.
    – clayevans
    Mar 27, 2013 at 15:13
  • Not enough space in comment, answering below Mar 27, 2013 at 20:05

I never use php in admin interface, in my opinion it's not right. Because later it's too difficult to remember where you place your custom logic... I advise you to create a custom module and place your code there.

As for your method, I guess PHP contextual filter requires returnable value. So let's try this:

$parent_view = views_get_page_view(); // Get vehicle view
$arg = $parent_view->args[0]; // Get vehicle view argument
$letter = $arg[0]; // First letter of argument
return drupal_strtoupper($letter);
  • ok i have found this. what u think of it? 'code' $view->set_arguments(array_pop(explode('/',drupal_get_path_alias()))); $output = $view->preview(); print $output; 'code' is this noob php?
    – clayevans
    Mar 29, 2013 at 16:22

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