Hello i am new to Drupal. I have used Joomla for very long time and some wordpress.

I want to link 2 or more nodes bi-directional. Meaning that if i link A to B, B must be also linked to A.

I will give you a simple example:

Lets say i want to make a Lyrics site. Where i will have 2 content types.

  • 1) Artist / Band
  • 2) Song Lyrics

The Artist / Band type will have information about the artist with maybe a photo and textaera for description.

The Song Lyrics will have the actual song lyrics (textaera).

Finally i want to link the Song Lyrics to an Artist / Band. So when i view the Lyrics page it will link to the Artist page. And when i go to the artist page it will link to all the lyrics that are available for that artist.

How can i do this in Drupal 7? Can i do it with the Core, or do i need to install additional Modules?


While still new and with rough edges, the Relation module will be the right module for that job.


Also check out these modules (quotes included are from their project pages):

  • References Module:

    ... provides D7 versions of the 'node_reference' and 'user_reference' field types, that were part of the CCK package in D6, at functional parity with the D6 counterparts.

  • Entity Reference:

    Provides a field type that can reference arbitrary entities:

    • A generic entity reference field
    • Four widgets:
      • Two implemented on top of the Options module (Select and Radios/Checkboxes),
      • Two autocomplete widgets (one with one text field per entry, one tag-style with comma-separated entries in the same text field)
    • Two formatters:
      • A "Label" formatter, with optional link that displays the label of the referenced entity (the node title, the user name, etc.)
      • A "Rendered entity" formatter, that renders the references entity using a configurable view mode
    • Integration with Views (for both forward and backward references)
    • Integration with Entity Metadata (and as a consequence with Search API and the like)
    • Integration with Devel generate
    • Integration with Feeds and Migrate (>= 2.3) for painless data import
  • EVA: Entity Views Attachment

    ... provides a Views display plugin that allows the output of a View to be attached to the content of any Drupal entity. The body of a node or comment, the profile of a user account, or the listing page for a Taxonomy term are all examples of entity content.

  • Can you explain a little what solution you chose and how you implemented it in order to make your answer more explicit ? – tostinni Sep 25 '11 at 20:28
  • For my current needs i choosed the "Artist" to be taxonomy. Drupal 7 core taxonomy custom fields helped me to add description and artist photo. – ANDiTKO Dec 29 '11 at 17:41

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