I'm creating a user-upload photo gallery, and I require admin approval on all user uploads. Photos will be a content type with just a few fields (Image, Taxonomy, Tags). I'd like to be able to view a grid of all uploaded photos at a glance, and then check a box next to each one and publish/unpublish all that are selected. Is there a method by which I an do this using Views? If not, is there another method/module that can provide this type of functionality?


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Create a content view, filter by your gallery content type, add the image field, add the field "Content: Published" (to let you know if content is published). Then add "Bulk operations: Content" (you need to install Views Bulk Operations module). In the field settings you should select the option "Publish content" and "Unpublish content". You should now be able to bulk publish and unpublish the image galleries.


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