I am quite new to Drupal so this question may be very simple or basic. I created a module and I've extracted list of a custom content type for each user by using EntityFieldQuery and then I used entity_load to make the results ready. the question is how should I use the $archive_items in my template ?!?

$archive_items = entity_load('node', $archive_items_nids);

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Your function will give an array of entity objects, indexed by their entity_id's. So:

foreach ($archive_items as $entity_id => $archive_entity) {
  /* Process each entity */

will allow you to iterate through the entities and to do what you need to each. Beyond that, we will have to know what result you are trying to achieve.

  • I want to generate an HTML output from what I have in $archive_items; So it doesn't mater if I generate my html code in my module and return it as a an output? I thought it's not a good idea to do so.
    – nooshinha
    Apr 3, 2013 at 5:25

Assuming that you want to render your collection of nodes, you would use node_view_multiple(). It's worth noting there's a node specific version of entity_load(), node_load_multiple().

With that in mind I imagine you're looking for code like the following:

$efq = new EntityFieldQuery();
$efq->entityCondition('entity_type', 'node');
// etc...

$results = $efq->execute();
$nodes = node_load_multiple(array_keys($results['node']));
$views = node_view_multiple($nodes);

$output = drupal_render($views);

$output will contain a list of teasers representing the nodes found in the EFQ.

It's also worth noting this kind of logic should not happen in the template file, but rather in a preprocess function. This will prevent potential problems with caching later on, and is just good programming practice all-round.

  • I didn't know how to define a template for menu. I did try hook_theme but it didn't work for menus. I didn't try preprocess functions because I didn't know how to. but I will search for it. tanx a lot, your answer is very helpfull.
    – nooshinha
    Apr 3, 2013 at 5:23

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