We need to create a system where the user enters only an email address. For a specific domain user receives an email with a generated password, and for all other domain receives a notification email to contact support. Password used to access a protected area of ​​the site that is not available to the public. Also, the password can be used only once, ie. each time a user enters an email address, get a new password.

Any ideas how to make this system to Drupal 7?


Login One Time comes closest to your requirements. From its project page:

Login one time provides the ability to email one-time login links to users.



  • [user:login-one-time] token on user events.

  • [comment:login-one-time] token for node author on comment event.

  • User profile - "Send login one time link" button.

  • VBO - Create a view and send login links to the view. Checkout View Reference for ideas on how to embed views.

  • Block - Select a user and send the link. You can use this block in nodes as a CCK field using Block Reference.

  • PHP - Print a button in a template or directly send the emails using the functions described in the README.


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