From time to time I need to install a dev release of a frequently updated module (Views, etc.) Usually, this is because I need a patch that has been applied to the dev branch that has not yet made it into a stable release. For this reason, I don't want to stay on the dev branch, and I don't want to keep updating to new dev versions-- once I have a dev version with the patch, I am happy to keep that version until the next stable release.

I usually use drush up to get a list of modules that need updating. However, this will prompt me to update to newer dev releases. Is there any way to tell drush to ignore a dev module until its next stable release? I assume nothing that convenient actually exists, so how else can I handle this situation? I have a large number of modules and it's a real pain to check for updates manually.


Some of your question seems a little ambiguous to me, but it might be answered here: drush: How to upgrade to a stable module release instead of dev?

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