Hello im sure i used to be able to do this with D6 and Views 2. Struggling to achieve it now.

I was wanting to create a content view that is filtered on partial matches of a term name across ALL my vocabs. Say i filtered on 'science' then the view will show content tagged 'science videos' from my Video Vocab and also, for example 'science chat' from my 'tags' Vocab.

Using D7 and Views 3 i dont seem to have the option to filter on name only ID and ID is limited to one vocab.

Does anyone know if i am missing something here?



sorted. Add relationship Taxonomy term: Name in a TERM view and viola

  • now if only i could work out how to show the group name in the same View ill be there.
    – Reg Gordon
    Apr 7 '13 at 23:44

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