I would like to know the appropriate way to listing the contents in a single page of type "news". Let me clear it once again, I have a "news" type custom content type.

Now i want to list all the pages of type "news" in a separate(say about us) page and styling them. Prior to this I have created a template file in my custom theme's template directory named as "node-news.tpl.php". Thanks In Advance.


Yes, you can use views module to generate a page to display all node of news content type.

  • Install a views module
  • Go to administrator -> structure -> views
  • Add new view
  • Add filter content type as "news"
  • Add fields to views.
  • Yes that is quite easy, but i need to list all the pages without using view module and also database query .Can it be possible using some code in template.php or anywhere else?? – Satyabrata sahoo Apr 11 '13 at 5:54
  • You need to create a custom module and can write the custom query in the module. – Jayendra Kainthola Apr 11 '13 at 6:51

The views module do that. There's many articles about this question. Take a look on existing answers


Yes You can do it in your template file . Drupal suggest names for the custom content type template files.

 and it is page--node--your_content_type.tpl.php .

You can see your nodes of type (your_content_type) at here.


generate a View using the view module as mentioned by Satyabrata sahoo. generate a page view for your specific purpose that would be more appropriate.

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