I recently upgraded my site to Drupal 7 and felt a need for opening some specific node as popup using Lightbox 2.

I have been through the documentation, and I found out that in Drupal 7 this feature can be implemented by adding a new template file in theme's directory named page--node--[nid].tpl.php.

The problem is that, when I implemented it this way, I wasn't able to view the node content properly as in the template I removed the header, sidebars etc.

So when I try to access the node via www.example.com/node/[nid] only content would appear without showing any headers or sidebars.

So has anyone implemented this feature using Lightbox 2 in Drupal 7?

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In your tpl.php file only have the following

<?php print render($content); ?>

If you want to style it you can wrap divs around.

Then add a rel="lightframe" attribute in your link that will trigger lightbox.

<a href="http://www.example.com/node/[nid]" rel="lightframe">Link</a>

To achieve this goal you can use Colorbox module + Colorbox Node module.

You also should take a look at the following question:

How to display a node in overlay popup effect?

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