I'm trying to find a way to do in Drupal 7 what the Views Or module does in Drupal 6. I read that this module (or at least what it does) has been migrated to the core Views 3 module.

How can I do the same thing as on this picture (marked in yellow) within Drupal 7 Views 3?

enter image description here

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In your views filter area it is possible, Click re arrange if existing filter there, other wise configure it on adding new.

enter image description here

In the following window you can configure the or or and, between fields and filter group

enter image description here


Yes, as shown above the ViewsOR module's functionality has been PARTIALLY migrated into Views for D7/D8; but sadly, ViewsOR also worked on Contextual Filters and Views in D7/D8 still does not have that ability.

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