The Private Message module displays conversations between users as "threads" that resemble e-mail or forum friends. I am attempting to customize the default display by printing a view that shows the recipient/sender profile information.

Through trial and error I arrived at the following code, which prints out the view content pane that I want.

  foreach($thread['participants'] as $participants => $participant ) {
    global $user;
    if ($user->uid !== $participant->uid) {
      print views_embed_view('profile_show_user_interests','show_interests_own', $participant->uid);

This code resides in privatemsg.pages.inc in function privatemsg_view($thread), which returns the content of the page for rendering.

The problem with this is that print views_embed_view() prints the content pane out at the top of the page, above the header, with no extra markup. How can I print the content pane in the content region of the page?

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As a starting point I would have the function return the view rather than attempting to print it. Try:

 $content['view'][] = views_embed_view('profile_show_user_interests','show_interests_own', $participant->uid);

and then render it in the page at the proper place. (views_get_view might be better in this context.)

  • Thanks! The actual code I used to get it working, based on your hint, was this: $content['view'][]['#markup'] = views_embed_view('profile_show_user_interests','show_interests_own', $participant->uid); Commented Apr 13, 2013 at 0:13

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