In my website I have 2 menus; the Main Menu and the Header Menu that I use for quick links.

I have 1 page that is linked in both menu.

When I'm on that page, the breadcrumb (and other menu-related blocks) use the hierarchy of the quick-link menu.

In my node the menu configured is the Main Menu and I added the link manually to the Header Menu.

Is there any way to give a weight to different modules?



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Multiple Node Menu might do the trick:

This module modifies the "Menu settings" in standard node editing form to allow managing multiple menu links to a node. The Drupal standard behavior is to only care about a single menu link for anode, all other menu links must be added through menu administration.


Menu Trail by Path should help:

Menu Trail By Path sets the active-trail on menu items according to the current url.

Just in case, I always use Path Breadcrumbs as well. If you're comfortable with Page Manager, then the UI is really simple. If not, then it shouldn't take you long to figure it out :)

This module is a solution for all problems with the breadcrumbs on your site!

Path breadcrumbs module helps you to create breadcrumbs for any page with any selection rules and load any entity from the URL!

Although if you just want to change the weights of the module in the system table, then the following documentation is the place to look: How to update a module's weight

  • It DOES work for the Breadcrumb, but I also have a view that check if some pages have a certain parent, which my page should have, but doesn't because of the "quicklink" menu
    – Ebpo
    Commented Apr 15, 2013 at 15:40

In Crumbs you have one plugin key per menu, which you can prioritize.

E.g. you might have menu.hierarchy.main-menu and menu.hierarchy.header-menu. Go to admin/structure/crumbs to move them up and down.

Note: You can also use the menu.hierarchy.* wildcard.

Crumbs, once enabled, will handle all the breadcrumbs on your site. Usually this is a good thing, but you should evaluate.

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