I have an installation of Drupal 7.20. I've entered the proxy settings in the default.settings.php but it's still unable to check on updates. A simple test with a dummy page which executes

http://updates.drupal.org/release-history/drupal/7.x?version=7.20')); ?>

Results in the following error message

object(stdClass)#62 (2) { ["code"]=> int(-110) ["error"]=> string(20) "Connection timed out" }

Which leads me to believe the proxy settings are not being detected

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As far as I'm aware, changing default.settings.php won't do anything. This file is only there to be copied into settings.php when the site is first installed - so if you change it after settings.php has been created it will do nothing at all.

You might try this module for proxy settings (though don't believe it when it claims to have a working version for D8)

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