using d7.4

I am trying to setup a block on my node pages that will show: View Count Comment Count Flag Count

My node paths are setup as: category/categoryname/nodetitle

I know I need a Contextual Filter to link this view to the Node Title (right???) - but how do I designate a path for that within a block? I know I can name a path with a View-Page Display- but I need this to be shown inside a block, not a page. What am I missing here?

Thanks for the reply! This newbie appreciates it!

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In the Block Display, create a contextual filter with these settings:

Content: Nid (not title)

Under "When the filter value is NOT available" check "Provide default value" then choose "content id from url"

Under "When the filter value IS available or a default is provided" check "Specify validation criteria" then choose "Basic Validator" or any other you like.

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